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Static Caravan Spraying

Respray your static caravan to make it look like new. Static caravan paint available in virtually any colour.

Fresh for Generations

Your static caravan is a treasured family retreat and can be enjoyed for years to come, as long as the upkeep is maintained. And that should include the exterior as well as interior.

Static caravan paint can not only give the exterior a more contemporary look by changing the colour, but it can also increase the structure’s longevity by keeping it safe from corrosion and protecting  against atmospheric, chemical and mechanical deterioration.

Our Process


The initial survey can be done by sending us photographs of your caravan and confirming the static caravans size and location. Our Technical Sales Team will work with you to decide a colour scheme and advise the best static caravan paint for your needs.


To maintain the highest standard of finish on your new static caravan coating, preparation is key. We thoroughly mask up any areas that are not to be sprayed. We’ll then prepare the surface by pressure cleaning to remove dirt and any old flaking or peeling paint. 


Once the surface has been prepared, it’s time to spray paint your static caravan! You can choose any colour you like, and we can spray paint walls, windows, fascias, roofs and more! Try our visualiser to see popular colours of static caravans.

Check out the Before and After

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They have made it look like a BRAND NEW VAN and I can’t wait to have them back soon to start working on the interior!