About The Caravan
Painting Co.


We’re The Caravan Painting Co. and we specialise in restoring static caravans to their former glory by spray painting them in a range of colours. The benefits of spray painting your caravan are not just aesthetic; caravan spray paint helps prevent corrosion – which if your caravan is close to the sea, can be a real issue. 

Our professional spray painting teams are experts in their profession and receive extensive training in surface preparations, masking techniques and spray applied paint systems. We are fully insured and hold accreditations from several of the leading H&S schemes.

Check out the Before and After

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Our Services

Caravan Painting

You may have found yourself wondering, can you paint a static caravan? The answer is simply YES! Painting your static caravan is a great way to restore your beloved holiday retreat, leaving it looking clean and – we believe – brand new!

Painting the outside of a caravan is best achieved by spray painting the exterior. Spraying rather than rolling gives the paint a smoother, ‘factory finish’. Prior to painting your caravan, our preparation is the key to an outstanding finish. After you’ve chosen your exterior paint colours (have you tried our Visualiser yet?), we pressure wash the area, removing all dirt and any flaking paint leaving a sound, solid substrate for our specialised coating to perfectly adhere to.

Caravan Roof Painting

As we know with our trademark British weather, your static caravan roof is going to withstand some battles with the elements and the odd seagull. Saltwater can also have an effect on the exterior of your caravan cause chipping, peeling, and fading.

Spray painting the caravan roof using a high-performance coating, will improve not only the look of the caravan, but increase its longevity too. Our high powered pressure washers completely remove any flaking paint from the roof and then the application of the new protective coating leaves it looking as good as new. Our static caravan roof paint comes in virtually any colour – why not give our Visualiser tool a try!

Caravan Windows and Doors Spraying

Whether or not you choose to paint your static caravan windows and doors will determine which areas we mask up. The masking process is something we do diligently and meticulously for all jobs, as you can see in the pictures below.

We can spray paint windows and doors of any material, including wood or uPVC, with the surface determining the type of paint we use to achieve the right application.

You can choose a matching or contrasting paint colour for your static caravan windows and doors, as you’ll see on our Visualiser tool.

Fascia and Soffit Spraying

To complete the look of your static caravan transformation, we can also spray paint caravan fascias and soffits. Like all our other services, paint is available in virtually any colour, allowing you to colour match or complement your existing colour scheme if desired.

We wipe down and clean any soffits and fascias we are going to spray paint, before using a light abrasive to give the paint a better surface to stick to and allow for a high-quality finish.

The caravan spray paint we use is usually touch dry within a couple of hours, but will continue to cure over the next week until it is rock hard!

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The ideal way of getting over our holiday static’s roof covering peeling and flaking off, after just a few years.